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Early C20th American culture and dissent

A Kiss Before Dying
Ira Levin


Dorothy meets a handsome young man with an eye for her inheritance while she is in her sophomore year. They are to be married and her life will be blissful; but Dorothy is pregnant and her fiance’s plans are ruined, for Dorothy would be disinherited if her father discovered the truth. So the young man provides his bride to be with some pills that will solve the problem. Soon there will be no baby – and perhaps no Dorothy either…

A Kiss before Dying, Levin’s first novel, earned him the 1954 Edgar Award for Best First Novel (“As dazzling as anything brought off by Ellery Queen or Agatha Christie… Incomparable excitement,” declared The New York Times) and is regarded as a modern classic.

Paperback, 288pp
Corsair, 2011 (1953)
ISBN 9781849015912