Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Amphigorey Too
Edward Gorey


This follow-up to the darkly humorous Amphigorey is wittier, more macabre, and more wondrous than ever. Master illustrator and iconic gothic storyteller Edward Gorey gives his fans 20 more nonsensically and mind-bending tales that draw fans and unsuspecting newcomers into a world only he can create. Gorey’s pen-and-ink drawings spur the imagination and satisfy fans of art and the good storytelling.

Some of the 20 stories in this collection include: The Beastly Baby; The Pious Infant; The Evil Garden; The Inanimate Tragedy; The Osbick Bird; The Deranged Cousins; The Abandoned Sock; Story for Sara; A Limerick.

Paperback, 256pp
Penguin Putnam Inc, 1980
ISBN 9780399504204