Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

An Arrow in a Sunbeam and Other Stories
Sarah Orne Jewett [et al]


Featuring six works of short fiction, An Arrow in a Sunbeam and Other Tales promotes morals and regionalist pride. Four of the stories are by Sarah Orne Jewett; the remaining two stories are by C S Sleight and Frances Lee. Each containing a unique theme and virtue, these stories provoke thought while following the lives of compelling characters. ‘Miss Sydney’s Flowers’ encourages the acceptance of change through the depiction of Miss. Sydney, a long-term resident of her town. When the city decides to pave a new road next to her home, Miss Sydney is upset and resentful of the change. However, as the days go by, she realises the benefits of having a busy street near her house. In ‘A Brave Boy’, two brothers, Fred and Albert, who are as opposite as can be, discuss what they would do in the event of a robbery, pondering the true meaning of bravery. Following the life of a mysterious elderly woman, ‘Lady Ferry’ depicts the relationship between Lady Ferry and a young girl who is left in the care of her cousin after her parents embark on a long sea voyage. Finally, in the title story, ‘An Arrow in a Sunbeam’, a church minister seeks out a sad, shabbily dressed widow that he noticed during a service. Originally planning to be of help to her, the minister is shocked when he discovers he has much to learn from the widow. Described as a touching and masterfully-written collection, An Arrow in a Sunbeam and Other Tales by Sarah Orne Jewett is sentimental and intriguing. First published for children, An Arrow in a Sunbeam and Other Tales promotes timeless virtues and themes in a gentle and accessible manner, yet is sophisticated and applicable to older audiences.

Paperback, 78pp
Mint Editions, 2021 (c.1880+)
ISBN 9781513279909


SARAH ORNE JEWETT (1849-1909) was a prolific American author and poet from South Berwick, Maine. First published at the age of nineteen, Jewett started her career early, combining her love of nature with her literary talent. Known for vividly depicting coastal Maine settings, Jewett was a major figure in the American literary regionalism genre. Though she never married, Jewett lived and traveled with fellow writer Annie Adams Fields, who supported her in her literary endeavors.