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Early C20th American culture and dissent

Babe: The Legend Comes to Life
Robert Creamer


Babe Ruth is without a doubt the most famous character ever produced by the sport of baseball. A legendary player, world-famous for his hitting prowess, he transcended the sport to enter the mainstream of American life as an authentic folk hero. In this well reviewed, outstanding biography, noted sportswriter Robert W Creamer reveals the complex man behind the sports legend. From Ruth’s early days in a Baltimore orphanage, to the glory days with the Yankees, to his later years, Creamer has drawn a classic portrait of an American original.

Paperback (21cm x 14cm), 448pp
Simon & Schuster, 2005
ISBN 9780671760700


“The best biography ever written about an American sports figure” – Sports Illustrated


Part One: 1894-1919

  1. Legend and Truth: Babe Ruth Lives
  2. The Bad Kid: Baltimore at the Turn of the Century
  3. Early Exile: Niggerlips in St. Mary’s
  4. The Star of the School: Enter Jack Dunn
  5. First Spring Training: Home Run in Fayetteville
  6. The Young Professional: Winning with the Orioles
  7. Arrival in Boston: Meeting Helen
  8. Retreat to the Minors: Pennant in Providence
  9. The Major Leaguer: Pennant in Boston
  10. The Lefthanded Genius: Best Pitcher in Baseball
  11. Emergence of Temperament: How to Punch an Umpire
  12. The Beginnings of the Hitter: Switching to the Outfield
  13. The Impact of War: Baseball in World War I
  14. The 1918 World Series: The Abortive Strike
  15. The Big Fight: Ruth vs. Barrow
  16. The First Home Run Record: Magic 29
  17. Departure from Boston: Sold down the River

Part Two: 1920-1948

  1. Revolution in Baseball: Ruth Reaches New York
  2. The Amazing Season: Nothing Like It Ever Before
  3. Encore: Topping the Amazing Season
  4. The Second Big Fight: Ruth vs. Landis
  5. The Fall of the Hero: Ruth in Disgrace
  6. The jinx and the Baby: The Weird Season Ends
  7. The First Reformation: How to Bat -393
  8. The Disaster: The Bellyache Heard Round the World
  9. The Third Big Fight: Ruth vs. Huggins
  10. The Real Reformation: The Superb Seasons
  11. Kaleidoscope: Personality of the Babe
  12. Death of Helen: Marriage to Claire
  13. The $80,000 Salary: A Better Year than Hoover
  14. The Magnificent Moment: The Called-Shot Home Run
  15. Decline: It’s Hell to Be Old
  16. Farewell to New York: Back to Boston
  17. The Last Act: Opera Bouffe with the Braves
  18. Retirement: The Call That Never Came
  19. The End: Joe, I’m Gone