Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Death in the Woods and Other Stories
Sherwood Anderson


The title story in this collection, ‘Death in the Woods’, is widely regarded as a masterpiece – the narrator looks back at an incident in his childhood where an old woman dies in the cold – in life she was destined to feed those around her, after her death, he feeds from her too. Sherwood Anderson’s short stories, beautifully crafted and evocative of time and place, were hugely influential in their day.

Paperback, 206pp
Benediction Classics, 2011 (1933)
ISBN 9781849025393


SHERWOOD ANDERSON (1876-1941) was an American businessman and writer of short stories and novels. Born in Ohio, Anderson was self-educated and became, by his early thirties, a successful salesman and business owner. Within a decade, however, Anderson suffered what was described as a nervous breakdown and fled his seemingly picture-perfect life for the city of Chicago, where he had lived for a time in his twenties. In doing so, he left behind a wife and three children, but embarked upon a writing career that would win him acclaim as one of the finest American writers of the early-twentieth century.