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Early C20th American culture and dissent

Dog Rounds: Death and Life in the Boxing Ring
Elliot Worsell


March 2016: following a brutal title fight with Chris Eubank Jr, former British champion Nick Blackwell ended up fighting for his life in a coma. That night, victory was no longer important; boxing was no longer a sport. Elliot Worsell, journalist and lifelong boxing fan, had been ringside and in the dressing rooms at Wembley, and what he saw and heard would transform his view of the sport he loves and force him to question his own complicity.

In Dog Rounds, Worsell goes in search of boxers who have killed in the ring. Spending time with these pariahs and returning to the venues in which tragedies occurred, Worsell reveals the extent of the devastation left behind. In doing so, he uncovers an incredible story of guilt, forgiveness, obsession and violence.

Paperback, 304pp
Bonnier Books, 2018
ISBN 9781788700252