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Early C20th American culture and dissent

Eye of the Hurricane: My Path from Darkness to Freedom
Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter


This book is a self-portrait of Rubin Hurricane Carter, a twentieth-century icon and controversial victim of the U.S. justice system turned spokesperson for the wrongfully convicted. In this moving narrative Dr. Carter tells of all the prisons he has survived–from his childhood through his wrongful incarceration and after. A spiritual as well as a factual autobiography, Eye of the Hurricane explores Carter’s personal philosophy, born of the unimaginable duress of wrongful imprisonment and conceived through his defiance of the brutal institution of prison and ten years of solitary confinement. His is not a comfortable story or a comfortable philosophy, but it offers hope for those who have none and serves as a call to action for those who abhor injustice. Eye of the Hurricane may well change the way we view crime and punishment in the twenty-first century.

Paperback, 352pp
Chicago Review Press, 2013
ISBN 9781613748152