Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Flight to Canada
Ishmael Reed


“I loves it here… We gets whipped with a velvet whip, and there’s free dentalcare.” Three slaves are on the run in the deep South, with their former master hot on their heels and the Civil War raging.

One of them arms himself for a final showdown; one sells his body for pornographic movies; while the last, Raven Quickskill – hero, poet, heartbreaker – swigs champagne on a non-stop jumbo jet to Canada. Taking us on a wild ride through a nineteenth century littered with limousines, waterbeds and colour TVs, Flight to Canada is a surreal, madly funny satire on race in America.

Paperback, 176pp
Penguin, 2018 (1976)
ISBN 9780241315194