Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said
Philip K Dick


Another classic novel from the world’s greatest writer of science fiction, which was a multiple nominee for science fiction prizes, and which won the John W Campbell Award for 1975. Jason Taverner is a Six, the result of top secret government experiments forty years before which produced a handful of unnaturally bright and beautiful people… and he’s the prime-time idol of millions until, inexplicably, all record of him is wiped from the data banks of Earth. Suddenly he’s a nobody in a police state where nobody is allowed to be a nobody.¬†Will he ever be rich and famous again? Was he, in fact, ever rich and famous?

Paperback, 256pp
Orion Publishing, 2007 (1974)
ISBN 9780575079953