Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Flying Home and Other Stories
Ralph Ellison


Raw, lyrical and blazing with intensity, these short stories are a potent distillation of the genius of Ralph Ellison, author of Invisible Man.

“He saw the dark bird glide into the sun and glow like a bird of flaming gold.” Ranging from the Jim Crow South to a Harlem bingo parlour, from the hobo jungles of the Great Depression to Wales during the Second World War, they all display the musically layered voices, soaring language and sheer ebullience that made Ellison a giant of twentieth-century American writing. Written early in Ellison’s career, several of these fourteen stories were unpublished in his lifetime, including ‘A Storm of Blizzard Proportions’ which features in this collection for the first time.

Paperback, 176pp
Penguin Books, 2016
ISBN 9780241215050