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Early C20th American culture and dissent

Hitters, Dancers and Ring Magicians: Seven Boxers of the Golden Age
Kelly Richard Nicholson


Covering the years 1890 to 1910, this volume profiles the boxers who were acting during boxing’s “”Golden Age,”” focusing primarily on George “”Kid”” Lavigne, Bob Fitzsimmons, Barbados Joe Walcott, Joe Gans, Terry McGovern, Sam Langford, and Stanley Ketchel. The accomplishments of these competitors in and out of the ring, as well as their standing in boxing history, are examined in detail. Each boxer is presented in his historical context, and detailed information about many of their opponents, also key figures in this critical era of the sport, is also provided, as are comparisons to recent fighters.

Paperback, 226pp
McFarland & Co, 2010
ISBN 9780786449903