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Early C20th American culture and dissent

Killer in the Rain
Raymond Chandler


From the creased pages of 1930s pulp magazines Black Mask and Dime Detective come eight of Raymond Chandler’s finest short stories: ‘Killer in the Rain’, ‘The Man Who Liked Dogs’, ‘The Curtain’, ‘Try the Girl’, ‘Mandarin’s Jade’, ‘Bay City Blues’, ‘The Lady in the Lake’ and ‘No Crime in the Mountains.’

Set against a Southern Californian backdrop, the stories are rich with suspense, violence and tragedy, and each comes laced with booze, bullets and a detective with an eye for a damsel in distress and an even keener eye for justice. Readers will also recognize episodes, characters and flashbacks from the Marlowe novels that made Chandler the undisputed master of his genre.

Paperback, 592pp
Penguin Books, 2011 (1964)
ISBN 9780241956311