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Early C20th American culture and dissent

Little Birds
Anais Nin


Anais Nin’s second volume of erotic short stories (the first was Delta of Venus), Little Birds is broader in scope, encompassing the entire breadth of human sensuality. Each of the 13 stories captures a moment of pure desire, in all its complexity and paradoxical simplicity. Anais Nin (1903-77), born in Paris, was the daughter of a Franco-Danish singer and a Cuban pianist. Her first book – a defence of D. H. Lawrence – was published in the 1930s. Her prose poem, ‘House of Incest’ (1936) was followed by the collection of three novellas, collected as Winter of Artifice (1939). In the 1940s she began to write erotica for an anonymous client, and these pieces are collected in Delta of Venus and Little Birds (both published posthumously).

Paperback, 144pp
Penguin Books, 2002 (1979)
ISBN 9780141183404