Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Many Marriages
Sherwood Anderson


Although Sherwood Anderson had gained a reputation for writing short stories (in the case of Winesburg, Ohio, these stories had been threaded together to create a novel), his ambition was to write novels. This is Anderson’s second novel. In it he explores American society’s new sexual freedom, a theme which he continued in Dark Laughter and in his later writing.

Paperback, 272pp
Dover Publications, 2019 (1923)
ISBN 9780486834108


SHERWOOD ANDERSON (1876-1941) was an American businessman and writer of short stories and novels. Born in Ohio, Anderson was self-educated and became, by his early thirties, a successful salesman and business owner. Within a decade, however, Anderson suffered what was described as a nervous breakdown and fled his seemingly picture-perfect life for the city of Chicago, where he had lived for a time in his twenties. In doing so, he left behind a wife and three children, but embarked upon a writing career that would win him acclaim as one of the finest American writers of the early-twentieth century.