Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Muhammad Ali: A Memoir, Michael Parkinson


Muhammad Ali was God’s Gift to the interviewer. Funny, articulate, outspoken with a fascinating life story, unparalleled talent and controversial views. Parkinson’s four interviews with Ali charted the boxer’s life, revealing significant phases at different times, charting the rise and fall of this kaleidoscope of a man.

Michael Parkinson brings his award-winning journalistic talents to bear on this extraordinary man. The book mixes personal recollections of the times they met with selected transcripts of the famous and, in the case of the 1974 meeting, infamous interviews all brought together and contextualised by a sober and honest assessment of the life and times of a figure that, it is certain, we will never see the like of again.

Paperback, 240pp
Hodder & Stoughton, 2017
ISBN 9781473651500