Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

My Antonia
Willa Cather


Of Antonia, the passionate heroine of Willa Cather’s greatest novel, the narrator says that she left “images in the mind that did not fade – that grew stronger with time.” The same could be said of the novel itself. On one level it is a straighforward story, beautifully written, of the struggle for survival of a family of pioneers on the vast Nebraska plains. On another it encompasses history, the relationship ofhuman beings and the natural world, and the destiny of the individual – even as it lovingly and unsentimentally portrays a woman whose robust spirit and enduring warmth make her emblematic of what Cather most admired in the American people.

Hardback, 312pp
Everyman’s Library, 2006 (1918)
ISBN 9781857152289