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Early C20th American culture and dissent

Night Train: The Sonny Liston Story
Nick Tosches


A breathtakingly brutal and evocative account of the life of infamous boxing world champion Sonny Liston Sonny Liston is one of the most controversial men the boxing world has ever seen. He rose from a childhood of grinding poverty to become heavyweight world champion in 1962. He spent time in prison, he was known to have mob connections, he was hated and vilified by his public.

And after he lost the world title to Cassius Clay (as Ali was then called) in a spectacular fall from grace, he died under mysterious and never fully explained circumstances. Sonny Liston’s life story is an unsolved mystery and an underappreciated tragedy. In uncompromising detail, Nick Tosches captures the shadowy figure of Liston, this most mesmerising and enigmatic of boxing antiheroes.

Paperback, 288pp
Penguin Books, 2021
ISBN 9780140279788