Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Selected Poems, 1950-2012
Adrienne Rich


Adrienne Rich was the singular voice of her generation, bringing discussions of gender, race, and class to the forefront of poetical discourse. This generous selection from all nineteen of Rich’s published poetry volumes encompasses her best-known work – the clear-sighted and passionate feminist poems of the 1970s, including Diving into the Wreck, Planetarium and The Phenomenology of Anger – and offers the full range of her evolution as a poet. From poems leading up to her feminist breakthrough through bold later work such as ‘North American Time’ and ‘Calle Visión’, Selected Poems celebrates Rich’s prophetic vision as well as the inventiveness that shaped her enduring art.

Paperback, 464pp
W W Norton, 2018
ISBN 9780393355116