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Early C20th American culture and dissent

Something Happened
Joseph Heller


Joseph Heller’s Something Happened is a darkly comic and sometimes tragic satire that does for the American Dream what Catch-22 did for the madness of war. Bob Slocum was a promising executive. He had an attractive wife, three children, a nice house, and as many mistresses as he desired. His life was settled and ordered; he had conformed and society demanded he be happy – or at least pretend to be. But the pretence was becoming more and more difficult, as Slocum’s discontent grew into an overwhelming sense of desolation, frustration and fear. And then something happened…

Paperback, 544pp
Vintage Classics, 2019 (1974)
ISBN 9781784874339


“Joseph Heller’s finest achievement.” – Jonathan Coe