Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Spotted Horses / Old Man / The Bear
William Faulkner


These three novellas offer three different approaches to Faulkner, each representative of his work as a whole. Spotted Horses is a hilarious account of a horse auction, and pits the “cold practicality” of women against the boyish folly of men. Old Man is something of an adventure story. When a flood ravages the countryside of the lower Mississippi, a convict finds himself adrift with a pregnant woman. And The Bear, perhaps his best known shorter work, is the story of a boy’s coming to terms wit the adult world. By learning how to hunt, the boy is taught the real meaning of pride, humility, and courage.

Paperback, 352pp
Vintage International, 2011 (1931, 1939, 1942)
ISBN 9780307946751