Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Tarzan of the Apes
Edgar Rice Burroughs


Abandoned to his fate when his English parents die in the African jungle, a baby boy is rescued and reared by a loving ape foster mother. Conquering the savage laws of the wilderness, Tarzan grows into a mighty warrior and becomes leader of his tribe of apes until he encounters, for the first time, his own kind – humans. An expedition of white treasure hunters has entered his jungle kingdom, accompanied by the beautiful Jane Porter. Tarzan’s primitive heart is struck and he determines to become civilized in order to win her. But will the charms of this charming and cultured young woman overcome when the spirit of his wild nature beckons?

Tarzan of the Apes was serialized in magazines in 1912 and published in book form in 1914.

Paperback, 352pp
Penguin Books, 2008 (1914)
ISBN 9780141036533