Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Technics and Civilization
Lewis Mumford


Lewis Mumford first presented his compelling history of the machine and this critical study of its effects on civilization in 1934, that is before television, the personal computer or the Internet even appeared on our periphery. Drawing upon art, science, philosophy, and the history of culture, Lewis Mumford explained the origin of the machine age and traced its social results, asserting that the development of modern technology had its roots in the Middle Ages rather than the Industrial Revolution. Mumford sagely argued that it was the moral, economic, and political choices we made, not the machines that we used, that determined our industrially driven economy.

Equal parts powerful history and polemic, Technics and Civilization was the first comprehensive attempt in English to portray the development of the machine age over the last thousand years – and to predict the pull the technological still holds over us today.

Paperback, 592pp
University of Chicago Press, 2010 (1934)
ISBN 9780226550275