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Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Clinch: The Pugilism Anthology
Jack London


The Clinch is a collection of four London works – two novellas and two short stories – on the topic, characters, and context of pugilism in California in the early twentieth Century. Included in this anthology are The Game (1905), “A Piece of Steak” (1909), “The Mexican” (1911), and The Abysmal Brute (1913).

Included is an original introduction by noted scholar and collector J. Lawrence Mitchell, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University.

Paperback, 236pp
Circle Up Stories, 2020 (1905, 1909, 1911, 1913)
ISBN 9781734370201



The Game (1905)
A Piece of Steak (1909)
The Mexican (1911)
The Abysmal Brute (1913)