Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Disenchanted
Budd Schulberg


A portrait of an age of both dazzling spiritand bitter disillusionment, based supposedly on the last drunken-days of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The 1920s: a golden age, and Manley Halliday is a golden figure. Lauded by the critics, this great writer of the decade has everything – beauty, brilliance, wealth, and a strikingly lovely wife. But years later, in the very different atmosphere of the thirties, Halliday is a shadow of his former self, cast upon the inhospitable shores of Hollywood. When Shep, a young and ambitious Hollywood screenwriter, is partnered up with Halliday, he is awestruck to find himself working alongside a literary hero. Enlisted by movie mogul Victor Milgrim to co-write college musical Love on Ice, the pair embark on a journey to New York. But Shep may find that his vision of the great Manley Halliday fails to match up with the man himself.

Paperback, 530pp
Allison & Busby, 2013 (1950)
ISBN 9780749013028


BUDD SCHULBERG grew up in Hollywood, his father being one of the founders of the Hollywood film industry. His novels include the legendary What Makes Sammy Run?, On The Waterfront, The Disenchanted, The Harder They Fall, Everything That Moves, two collections of short stories and a memoir. He died in 2009.