Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Executioner’s Song
Norman Mailer


In the summer of 1976 Gary Gilmore robbed two men. Then he shot them in cold blood. For those murders Gilmore was sent to languish on Death Row – and could confidently expect his sentence to be commuted to life imprisonment. In America, no one had been executed for ten years. But Gary Gilmore wanted to die, and his ensuing battle with the authorities for the right to do so made him into a world-wide celebrity, and ensured that his execution turned into the most gruesome media event of the decade.

For this book, Mailer was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. With an introduction by Andrew O’Hagan.

Paperback, 1,088pp
Vintage Classics, 1989 (1979)
ISBN 9780099688600