Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Fixer
Bernard Malamud


Winner of the 1966 Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award. Kiev, 1911. When a twelve-year-old Russian boy is found stabbed to death, his body drained of blood, the accusation of ritual murder is levelled at the Jews. Yakov Bok – a handyman hiding his Jewish identity from his anti-Semitic employer – is first outed and blamed. Arrested and imprisoned, Bok refuses to confess to a crime that he did not commit. What becomes of this man under pressure, for whom acquittal is made to seem as hopeless as conviction, is the subject of a terrifying masterpiece of twentieth-century fiction.

Paperback, 448pp
Atlantic Books, 2014 (1966)
ISBN 9780857890948