Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Job
Sinclair Lewis


After a family member tragically falls ill, Una Golden was forced to move from Pennsylvania to New York in order to get a job to help support her family. Set in the early 1900s, going to the big city as a single woman was daunting and unconventional, but Una is dedicated to helping her family. After diligently job searching and excelling in additional training and education, Una discovers that she has the skills to be a talented commercial real estate agent. Though Una is very good at her job, and the company value her, the male-dominant real estate field suggests that it is a job exclusive to men. Because of this, Una is forced to work twice as hard to earn the same respect and equity that her male coworkers are freely given. Meanwhile, Una tries to manage her love life, because it is expected for a woman to get married and Una desires a partnership. However, the sexist social standard for women expects women to work a meaningless job before marriage, and since Una is so skilled in her field, many men are too intimidated or insecure to consider her as a potential wife. Frustrated and overworked, Una is about to give up hope when she meets Edward, a charming salesman. As their romance begins to develop and Una remains dedicated to her career, she learns more about herself, encouraging her to defy convention to achieve her dreams.

The Job is praised as an early advocate for the rights of working women, a cause that author Sinclair Lewis was very dedicated to, and offers an intriguing depiction of the twentieth century workplace in America.

Paperback, 244pp
Mint Editions, 2021 (1917)
ISBN 9781513279220