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Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Last Stand
Mickey Spillane


When legendary mystery writer Mickey Spillane died in 2006, he left behind the manuscript of The Last Stand, the last novel he completed. He asked his friend and colleague (and fellow Mystery Writers of America Grand Master) Max Allan Collins to take responsibility for finding the right time and place to publish this final book. the book was published in 2018, the hundredth anniversary of Spillane’s birth.

A tarnished former cop goes on a crusade to find a politician’s killer and avoid the .45-caliber slug with his name on it. A pilot forced to make an emergency landing in the desert finds himself at the center of a struggle between FBI agents, unsavory fortune hunters, and members of the local Indian tribe to control a mysterious find that could mean wealth and power – or death.

This is published with a second never-before-published work, one from early in Spillane’s career: the feverish crime novella A Bullet for Satisfaction. Two substantial new works filled with Spillane’s muscular prose and the gorgeous women and two-fisted action the author was famous for, topped off by an introduction from Max Allan Collins describing the history of these lost manuscripts and his long relationship with the writer who was his mentor, his hero, and for much of the last century the bestselling author in the world.

Paperback, 288pp
Titan Books, 2019 (2018)
ISBN 9781785656996