Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Last Time I Saw Paris
Elliot Paul


Elliot Paul, an American journalist, first walked into rue de la Huchette in the summer of 1923. “There,” he wrote, “I found Paris.” His biography of the street brings to life a cast of characters, from the stately M de Malancourt to l’Hibou the tramp, from the culturally precocious Hyacinthe to a flock of prostitutes. Their friendship and enmities, culture and way of life are woven into a tapestry as compelling as a novel. Yet as the threat of the Second World War grows, it endows their quiet, heroic lives with tragic poignancy.

Paperback, 332pp
Sickle Moon Books, 2001 (1942)
ISBN 9781900209137