Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Last Trail
Zane Grey


Set in the Ohio Valley during the late 1700s, this thrilling novel unfolds in the wilderness of the era, when small settlements sprang up near military forts. Skirmishes between settlers and Indians were frequent, and bordermen like Jonathan Zane patrolled the region to protect pioneers. Zane’s already tumultuous life takes an unexpected turn with the arrival at Fort Henry of Helen Sheppard, who creates a stir with her youth and beauty. Helen’s abduction by a band of renegades and hostile Native Americans leads Zane to his last trail – he’ll either rescue Helen and settle down with her, or he’ll die trying. Zane Grey, best known as the author of Riders of the Purple Sage, drew inspiration from the experiences of his pioneer ancestors during the Revolutionary War period. His tranquil images of natural beauty and action-packed sequences of chases and conflicts combine for a tale that crackles with adventure and romance.

Paperback, 124pp
Dover Publications, 2018 (1909)
ISBN 9780486827698