Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Leavenworth Case
Anna Katherine Green


This is a classic genre-defining whodunit, by the mother of the detective novel, Anna Katharine Green, which introduced the first American series detective, Ebenezer Gryce. The Leavenworth Case was published nine years before the debut of Sherlock Holmes, and made its author an enormously popular and influential writer who changed the mystery genre forever. Showcasing Green’s verve and style, The Leavenworth Case opens with the shocking murder of Horatio Leavenworth, a wealthy New York merchant, philanthropist, and well-known member of the community. His favorite niece, Mary, is to inherit his fortune, and all of the evidence seems to implicate her or her sister. Yet surprises greet Gryce at every turn-even before the second murder.

Paperback, 352pp
Penguin Books, 2010 (1878)
ISBN 9780143106128