Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Life of Nancy
Sarah Orne Jewett


After a friend’s injury prevented them from travel, Tom begrudgingly spends time with a family living on an island in Maine, and slowly realizes a deep connection between he and their daughter, Nancy. Featuring eleven works of short fiction, The Life of Nancy by Sarah Orne Jewett is a lovely collection with settings of rural and fishing New England towns.

Paperback, 204pp
Mint Editions, 2021 (1895)
ISBN 9781513279862


SARAH ORNE JEWETT (1849-1909) was a prolific American author and poet from South Berwick, Maine. First published at the age of nineteen, Jewett started her career early, combining her love of nature with her literary talent. Known for vividly depicting coastal Maine settings, Jewett was a major figure in the American literary regionalism genre. Though she never married, Jewett lived and traveled with fellow writer Annie Adams Fields, who supported her in her literary endeavors.