Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Narrows
Ann Petry


Link Williams is a handsome, brilliant Dartmouth graduate whose promise is unfulfilled; because of the lack of opportunities for a young Black man, he tends bar in his New England town. The routine of his life is interrupted when he intervenes to save a woman from a late-night attack. The thick fog rolls in from the river, so it is only when they enter a bar for a drink that Camillo sees her rescuer is black.¬†Camilo is a wealthy, married heiress, who has crossed the town’s racial divide to relieve the tedium of her life. Brought together by chance, Link and Camilo draw each other into furtive encounters that violate the rigid and uncompromising social codes of their times.
With an introduction by Kaitlyn Greenidge.

Paperback, 528pp
Virago Books, 2021 (1953)
ISBN 9780349013404