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The Sugar Ray Robinson Story: Boxing’s Comeback King
John Jarrett


For over 25 years, Sugar Ray ruled three divisions, from lightweight to middleweight. As a kid he had danced for pennies on the streets of Harlem, and became the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in history.

After a brilliant amateur career, Sugar Ray turned professional in 1940 and won his first 40 contests before Jake LaMotta snapped his streak of 123 fights. He was unbeaten over the next nine years and would beat LaMotta in five of their six fights, taking his middleweight title in the process. One of Ray’s toughest fights was with Uncle Sam over his $4 million fight earnings.

He built and lost a Harlem business empire before retiring from the ring and entering showbiz. He proved to be a philandering husband and a redundant father before settling down with his third wife, Millie, in California where he set up the Sugar Ray Robinson Youth Foundation, teaching kids about sports and life.

Paperback, 288pp (242mm x 163mm)
Pitch Publishing, 2019
ISBN 9781785315350


JOHN JARRETT is the author of six books, including Toy Bulldog: The Fighting Life and Times of Mickey Walker; Dynamite Gloves on boxing’s big punchers; and Gene Tunney, the Golden Guy who Licked Jack Dempsey Twice. John has been a boxing writer for 50 years, and has been Northern Area Secretary for the British Boxing Board of Control since 1977.