Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Tory Lover
Sarah Orne Jewett


As the revolutionary war progressed, tensions and resentments ran high with the promise of lasting long after the surrender. Amid this chaos, the daily lives of citizens and soldiers were changed, often characterized by the polarizing political beliefs they held. Amid this disarray, a wealthy merchant, Col. Johnanthan Hamilton, welcomes Captain John Paul Jones to dinner in his lavish home in Berwick, Maine. While the two men discuss the war and enjoy their dinner, the colonel’s daughter, Mary is only concerned about a ship sailing away from America with news of surrender. Named the Ranger, the ship is full of men from different backgrounds, but Mary is only concerned with one. When he and Mary first met, Roger Wallingford was a man of loyalist leanings. This greatly opposed Mary’s views, as she and her family are greatly dedicated to the American cause. However, as the two grew closer, Roger began to see the error in his thoughts, slowly losing the sympathy he held for the British as he fell in love with Mary. Now, Roger is doing his part to be a helpful crew member on the Ranger, but while a traitor lurks on the ship, seeking turmoil, Roger’s newly found allegiance to America is tested, and his future with Mary is threatened. With settings of Maine, the Atlantic, France, and England, The Tory Lover provides detailed insight and description of multiple landscapes and people during the Revolutionary War. While portraying the opposing ideologies, high tension, and betrayal expected during the war, Sarah Orne Jewett’s work also depicts a touching romance between star-crossed lovers. With these exciting elements and the insightful portrayal of historical figures and settings, The Tory Lover remains to be just as entertaining to a modern audience as it is educational.

Paperback, 284pp
Mint Editions, 2021 (1901)
ISBN 9781513279893


SARAH ORNE JEWETT (1849-1909) was a prolific American author and poet from South Berwick, Maine. First published at the age of nineteen, Jewett started her career early, combining her love of nature with her literary talent. Known for vividly depicting coastal Maine settings, Jewett was a major figure in the American literary regionalism genre. Though she never married, Jewett lived and traveled with fellow writer Annie Adams Fields, who supported her in her literary endeavors.