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Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Vintage Book of African American Poetry


This book present the definitive collection of black verse in the United States – 200 years of vision, struggle, power, beauty, and triumph from 52 outstanding poets.

From the neoclassical stylings of slave-born Phillis Wheatley to the wistful lyricism of Paul Lawrence Dunbar, the rigorous wisdom of Gwendolyn Brooks, the chiseled modernism of Robert Hayden, the extraordinary prosody of Sterling A. Brown, the breathtaking, expansive narratives of Rita Dove, the plaintive rhapsodies of an imprisoned Elderidge Knight. The postmodern artistry of Yusef Komunyaka. Here, too, is a landmark exploration of lesser-known artists whose efforts birthed the Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts movements–and changed forever our national literature and the course of America itself. Meticulously researched, thoughtfully structured, The Vintage Book of African-American Poetry is a collection of inestimable value to students, educators, and all those interested in the ever-evolving tradition that is American poetry.

Edited by Michael S. Harper and Anthony Walton.

Paperback, 448pp
Vintage, 2000
ISBN 9780375703003