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Early C20th American culture and dissent

The Web and the Root
Thomas Wolfe


Shortly before his death at a tragically young age, author Thomas Wolfe presented his editor with an epic masterwork that was subsequently published as three separate novels: You Can’t Go Home AgainThe Hills Beyond, and The Web and the Rock.

The Web and the Root features the three initial sections of the The Web and the Rock, widely considered to be the book’s strongest material. A prequel to You Can’t Go Home Again, it is the story of George Webber’s momentous journey from Libya Falls, North Carolina, to the Golden City of the North–offering vivid, sometimes cutting depictions of rural pleasures and small-town clannishness while exploring boundless urban possibility and the complex, violent undercurrents of the metropolis. This book was published posthumously, extracted by Edward Aswell from a larger incomplete manuscript.

Paperback, 368pp
Harper Perennial, 2009 (1939)
ISBN 9780061579554