Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

Two Serious Ladies
Jane Bowles


Few great writers produced less than Jane Bowles: one novel, one play and a dozen short stories. Yet hers is one of the most original, unique voices in twentieth century American literature. A novelist with an essentially tragic view, as Truman Capote concludes in his memoir, but also “a very funny writer …with at [her] heart the subtlest comprehension of eccentricity and human apartness.” Two Serious Ladies is a novel unlike any other. A tale of two extraordinary heroines – Christina Goering, a wealthy spinster in pursuit of sainthood, and Frieda Copperfield, who finds a home from home in a Panama brothel. And a book whose lesbian themes were startling on its original publication in 1943.

Paperback, 256pp
Sort of Books, 2010 (1943)
ISBN 9780956003850