Lover of the Fancy

Early C20th American culture and dissent

You Can’t Go Home Again
Thomas Wolfe


Story of an artist who flees scandal and despair as he journeys from his family home in a small Southern town to the capitals of pre-war Europe.

George Webber has written a successful novel about his family and hometown. When he returns to that town he is shaken by the force of the outrage and hatred that greets him. Family and friends feel naked and exposed by the truths they have seen in his book, and their fury drives him from his home. He begins a search for his own identity that takes him to New York and a hectic social whirl; to Paris with an uninhibited group of expatriates; to Berlin, lying cold and sinister under Hitler’s shadow. At last Webber returns to America and rediscovers it with love, sorrow, and hope.

This novel was published posthumously, extracted from a larger manuscript by Edward Aswell.

Paperback, 638pp
Scribner, 2011 (1940)
ISBN 9781451650495